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Greenworks is a dynamic group of small companies, dealing in horticulture products and services. we are aimed to create niche markets for progressive farmers who wants to experiment in to non-conventional crops with sustainable market future. we provide high quality Seeds, Plants and Bulbs around the world along with fertilizers and farm machinery.


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  • Flower Bulbs Flower Bulbs All Kinds of Dutch Flower Bulbs
  • Flower Seeds Flower Seeds All Seasons F1 Flowers Seeds
  • VEGETABLE SEEDS VEGETABLE SEEDS All Vegetable F1-Seeds and OP Seeds
  • TISSUE CULTURE TISSUE CULTURE Tissue Culture, Hardened Flower Plants
  • FERTILIZERS FERTILIZERS Imported Fertilizers , NPK and Others
  • Plants Plants All kinds of Imported Decorative Plants
  • Green Press Green Press Green Press is an Agri-Publication Co.
  • MACHINERY MACHINERY New & Used Agriculture Machinery.



16 Apr 2015

How Pakistan Farmers can achieve the Prosperity in growing Flowers.

12 Sep 2014

greenworks has set up a bulbous flowers trial field near Lahore-Pakistan.

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